Tips for Awesome Vacation Photos


On family vacations, the one thing you never forget to take is the camera. You know you are going to record precious moments that will be shared for generations to come. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you want your family vacation photos to be creative and memorable, to capture the fun you shared together. Here are some simple tricks and tips to help you take your best shot.

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7 Tips to Taking Great Family Vacation Photos

1. Always have 2 charged batteries for your camera

2. Consider the lighting. For outdoor photos, avoid midday sun and instead take advantage of early morning light or twilight. When taking photos indoors, consider using light from windows and lamps to brighten your shot instead of relying on the flash.

3. Photograph memorable details like a table setting, your children’s feet in the sand or a close-up of an exotic flower. A few close-ups make any set of photographs more interesting and will bring back the feelings you shared for a place long after you are home.

4. Don’t just stage posed shots at every landmark you visit. Photographing your children when they are lost in thought or playing quietly together can make for memorable photos. If you see a candid moment you’d like to photograph, don’t call attention to yourself, quietly take as many frames as you can before being noticed.

5. Compose off-center shots for more dynamic photos. For example, when your toddler is running down the beach, capture her more to the left or right of center. This adds to the feeling of movement and makes the photo more interesting.

6. Make sure you take some photos of the entire family. Use the timer and a tripod or ask a stranger for help so it doesn’t look as though you left dad at home.

7. Give your kids a camera. This will give your photos new perspective and engage kids more in their vacation surroundings.

” You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
– Ansel Adams

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