Tips to Planning Your Riviera Maya Wedding

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Once you have decided to say “I do”, make your special day even more exciting by adding the mystique of Mexico. There is no wedding destination that exudes romance and adventure like the Riviera Maya. With so many venue options, even small budgets can make beach wedding dreams come true. Your day can be as extravagant or simply elegant as you desire.

One of the most attractive aspects of a destination wedding is getting to spend more time with family and friends during a week-long celebration rather than just one evening. Not to mention, what a wonderland of activities and luxurious accommodations that awaits your guests in the Mayan Riviera.  Just imagine the smiles on their faces when they read your wedding invitation to paradise!

Tips to Planning Your Riviera Maya Wedding

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Consider hiring a wedding planner. Although it is possible to have a DIY destination wedding, a wedding planner can be an invaluable tool. No matter how grand or how simple, an event planner’s vendor contacts and familiarity with the area will ease undue stress for the bride and groom. Also, a lot of properties require them. Let Loco Gringo put you in touch with the top Riviera Maya wedding planners.

Plan your sunset wedding ceremony one to two hours before the sun actually sets. You will want your photographer to have enough natural light for the pre-ceremony, ceremony and post-ceremony beach shots.

Choose wedding party attire appropriate for the tropics. When choosing brides maids’ dresses and groomsmen’s shirts, be kind. It is hot and humid in the Riviera Maya so rather than heavy, synthetic material, opt for natural fibers like cotton and linen. These will breathe and keep your party cool and comfortable. It’s ecologically friendly too!

Plan for wedding gifts. Be prepared with extra luggage (and extra dinero for luggage fees) to get your gifts home. A more practical solution would be a wedding website with an online registry that includes information about mailing gifts. Or rather than register for gifts, set up a honeymoon or home improvement fund to which guests can donate.

Symbolic Ceremony vs. Legal Ceremony. Having a legal ceremony in Mexico requires extra paperwork, filing fees and blood tests. Consider whether or not you want to avoid the extra hassle and expense and simply enjoy a symbolic ceremony in the Riviera Maya, leaving the legalities at home.

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