A trip to Holbox Island is an adventure from the moment you start planning your trip.

Finding a place to stay may be the first milestone in your vacation. Lodging may be limited because Holbox is one of the few Mexican islands still protected by local and federal governments. No worries, Loco Gringo has you covered.

Getting There

Getting there is also part of the journey. Once you have landed at Cancun airport, you’ll enjoy a three-hour ride to Chiquilla.

LocoGringo Hack: There are no cars on the island so no need to rent a car should this be your only destination

Next, you’ll take a 20-minute ferry ride to Holbox Island. Then, you’ll take a taxi ride to your hotel. Finally, you’ll be able to kick off your shoes, lay back and relax to the sound of lapping waves while you drift in and out of some well-deserved sleep.

What to Do When You’re in Holbox

Now that you have acclimated to the island vibe, you’ll want to begin the next leg of your adventure. The island is less than a mile wide and 26 miles long. While the majority of the island is still unspoiled, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Fret no more amigo, Locogringo is here to save the day! We have dedicated some serious research to let you know the top five coolest things to do on Holbox Island year-round.

1. Rent a Golf Cart

Be sure to bring a valid driver’s license so you can zoom up and down the island and explore the coast. Drive down to Punta Mosquito and check out the kiteboarders fly in the air or go bird watching among the mangroves. Find out how to rent a golf cart with us.

2. Eat, Dance and Sleep

Hot Corner Isla Holbox

It’s surprising that such a small island has such a wide variety of eateries! There are food carts, fine dining, street tacos and even a churro stand for the sweet tooth.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of venues to dance those extra calories off away. Sway to the Caribbean beats while you dance in the turquoise waters under the sun or stop by the Hot Corner for more live music and drinks after dark.

Rest assured you’ll have sweet dreams too. Given the island’s position, there are hardly any waves so you’ll be lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of water gently kissing the shore.

3. Practice Your Spanish

Being fluent in more than one language makes you smarter. Visiting Mexico is an excellent opportunity to brush up your Spanish! The official language in Mexico is Spanish though there are currently more than 60 languages that are still alive today among native Mexicans. Try “Hola, amigo” to strike up a conversation with a local and refresh your Spanish while abroad.

4. Street Art Hunting

Take a stroll through town to find some of the most beautiful street art all around town and even the most unexpected corners.

Mexican muralism is an artistic movement that goes back to the early 20th century. Born from a group of intellectual artists following the Mexican revolution, contemporary Mexican muralism continues to be an everflowing current to this day. Make the most of your visit with a cultural immersion al fresco as you hunt down these stunning murals through the streets of Holbox.

5. Watch the Sunset

Isla Holbox sunset

Sunsets on Holbox Island are a spectacular display of color and light. Even locals stop their activities to walk to the beach and enjoy the view. Be sure to ask the reception or staff what time sunset will be, so you make it there on time.

LocoGringo hack: Don’t forget to bring your insect repellant because the moment the sun goes down the chaquistes (chiggers) will be out and about.

Learn more about Holbox before you arrive, including a list of our favorite eateries on the island.

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