Le Lotus Rouge Museum & Restaurant has completed its renovations, just in time for high season.

If you visited this place before, you definitely have to return and check it out this time. Its unique style and friendly service keep us coming back for more.

This year Le Lotus Rouge took a giant leap and improved in every possible way. If you love music, good food, great drinks, art in every form, appreciate friendly service and an off-the-beaten-path location, this is your perfect place.

Like every spot worth visiting in Riviera Maya, Le Lotus Rouge’s folklore and friendliness will blow your mind as soon as you step inside.

Bigger, Stronger, Better

Le Lotus Rouge

Just like its owner, Le Lotus Rouge has reinvented itself.

The new version of Le Lotus Rouge features a whole new floor with a cool aerial view of the stage. You can now see live bands and artists better, and enjoy a better quality of sound and music. The rooftop is decorated with red fabric cocoons that give a Moroccan and romantic ambiance.

Everything is perfectly illuminated, including the bar downstairs, right at the entrance to welcome you with a friendly smile and a delicious drink. The spacious living room features more dolls and paintings. The drums, a piano, masks, books, and mirrors to transport you to a different era.

The patio of course still is our favorite part, with the exotic and colorful tables, themed rooms, and a red stage for performances of every part of the world.

Natacha Alban is the creator, director, and owner of this amazing place. Alban is a well-known artist who designed this Circus/Theater like an oasis of art. She also provides classes and hosts workshops to bring art to local children. You can also find her work and purchase her paintings on her main website.

Interesting Weekly Program

Le Lotus Rouge music

Originally Le Lotus Rouge was just a museum, featuring some local music bands. But soon the visitors discovered it was much more than that. The restaurant, bar, theater, circus, museum, art gallery became a second home for many of us.

The versatility of Le lotus rouge allows for a more eccentric and richer program. During the week many events take place at the patio, including puppet shows, belly dancers, Jazz nights, Geisha shows, movie nights, magic shows, and a lot more.

The weekends have the strongest performances. But during the week you can come and visit even if there is no special event. There is live music almost every night, usually starting around 10:00 pm.

An Off-The-Beaten-Path, Family-Friendly Paradise

Le Lotus rouge kids

Le Lotus Rouge is still in town but not on the most crowded streets or principal avenues.

The restaurant is situated on 35th Avenue and 2nd street, just a few blocks from 5th Avenue and in walking distance from other touristic attractions. Its location allows visitors to park their cars nearby. It is also the perfect location to enjoy great shows without giving up the privacy and mystery of the place.

This magical place has different themed nights for adults and kids too. It is easy to make friends and to take a real and closer look at the Mexican culture. If you are traveling with children, this would be the perfect opportunity for them to learn, explore and discover their artistic talents.

Le Lotus Rouge opens its doors at 6:00 pm and remains open until midnight except for Mondays. There is no entrance fee, and you can join the activities at the moment you arrive. There is no minimum consumption fee per person to enjoy the shows or get a table.

Certain events might have an entrance fee but are usually advertised on Le Lotus Rouge Facebook Page.

If you want to make a dinner reservation or join any of the upcoming events, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] Make sure you contact us to provide the scheduled activities for your dates, at least one week before your arrival. 

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