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Lead with your curiosity, according to a social media survey conducted in 2018 by Curio Hilton that explored the connection between travel and curiosity.

Travelers seek experiences that fuel their curiosity and keen desire to know more about the world in which we live and share. Seventy-three percent of surveyors said traveling is their “go-to outlet to express their curiosity.”

While 20 percent of survey participants claim to have DRD4-7R, the genetic marker said to denote “wanderlust,” 91 percent considered themselves curious.

Curiosity is a way of life for many travelers and plays a vital role in the planning process; the study also revealed. Respondents also shared how curiosity motivates the way they explore a new destination. Do you share any of the following traits?

  • There’s always room for growth: Sixty percent of people believe they are more curious than the average person, yet more than half (53 percent) want to be more open to new experiences.
  • Education motivation: More than 90 percent of people take trips to learn something new, and 79 percent consider learning something new while on vacation a priority.
  • Unique exploration: Fifty-seven percent of travelers wish they could spend more time exploring the things they are most curious about, such as visiting ancient ruins, eating dinner at a well-regarded restaurant or experiencing a unique cultural experience.
  • Perfect travel partner: Sixty-four percent describe the perfect travel companion as someone who is curious. Sixty-five percent consider a spouse or significant other as the best travel partner for new experiences, while 25 percent would prefer to travel alone.
  • Curious Culturalists are more likely to be millennial women: Millennial women are twice as likely as general travelers to be Culturalists.
  • Curious Challengers prefer exploring exotic and unknown destinations: Their interests take them to both the highest rooftop bar and the mountaintop. Sixty-nine percent of Challengers prefer international travel because it exposes them to a different culture.

The Riviera Maya offers a wide variety of ways to spark your curiosity for unknown cultures, land, and people. Come explore with us.

Ways to Peak Your Curiosity in the Riviera Maya

Community Tours: Community tours are a great way to support local communities while learning about local traditions, culture, and history from people who have lived in the Riviera Maya for generations.

Immerse yourself in the caverns and lagoons of Kanterno with the Adventure Cooperative of Beej ka’ax ha Kanterno. Learn about the healing powers of local bee honey, Mayan plants, which local foods aid optimal health, and relax with a local massage and medicinal bath filled with local herbs at Casa Itzama in the Coba Pueblo. Discover the process to make local instruments, listen to traditional music, and enjoy a candlelit concert in a cenote during a community tour in Hidalgo.

Cooking Schools and Food Tours: Learn about the Riviera Maya one bite at a time through local cooking schools and tours. Cooking schools like Lina’s Kitchen in Tulum, Los Dos Cooking School in Merida, and the Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos offers visitors a chance to explore traditional Mexican dishes and culinary history through recipes and techniques passed down through the generations. Eat Mexico invites travelers to discover Mexican traditions and flavors through Cancun’s overlooked street stands, markets, and fondas.

Diving and Snorkeling: The Riviera Maya is home to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second-largest in the world), the longest underground river system, and freshwater cenotes. Such a rich biodiversity is rarely found in the world and provides many opportunities to explore the underwater world and enhance your vacation with snorkeling or scuba diving experience. Come explore sea adventures via ocean, sea, and cave snorkeling and diving.

Bike Tours: Bike tours provide incredible opportunities for adventure while learning about the local culture. Tulum Bike Tours offers an off-the-beaten-track experience to explore the ancient world in the present. Meet new and local people while supporting local communities and exploring neighborhood jewels in Playa del Carmen through evening bike rides organized by the Bicineta Project.

Eco Parks: Explore underground rivers; discover jungle animals, birds, and insects, swim in freshwater cenotes and zip-line through the vast Yucatan jungle. Eco-parks are like amusement parks but in a natural environment. The biggest (and best) of Mexico’s eco parks are located minutes away from Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, and Akumal and near Cancun’s hotel zone. Many of the larger eco theme parks are all-inclusive, offering visitors unlimited food and drinks, a price advantage for families.

These are just a few ways to play. Mayan Ruins, cenotes, fishing, and golf also await you in the Riviera Maya.

Ready to let your curiosity take the lead and explore all the Riviera Maya has to offer? Contact our reservations team to help you plan and book your next vacation adventure.


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