The Mayan Man-Triathlon In The Heart Of Riviera Maya

Mayan Man

Only two days away from starting one of the most incredible Triathlons in Riviera Maya; The Mayan Man Triathlon. During three consecutive years, The Mayan Man Triathlon has been organized by Quintana Roo Government in unity with local organizations to benefit communities and other causes in the Yucatan peninsula. Several contestants will participate intensely to win one of the handmade medals or a trophy for the winners. This race was created to include all levels of athletes. We highly recommend you to participate and be part of this fantastic experience.

Mayan Roots

Mayan ceremony

Always proud of the Mayan heritage, The Mayan Man Triathlon is another opportunity to share our traditions and culture with our dear travelers. The first Mayan Man Triathlon was in 2017, and from that moment it has become an amazing celebration for locals and visitors from everywhere. The Mayan Man Triathlon supports the economy of small communities that are in charge of the elaboration of trophies and medals. Prehispanic food will also be prepared and served by members of a Mayan town. Part of the earnings of each ticket will go to the “Saving Our Sharks” organization, which is mainly focused on the preservation and protection of the bull shark.

All Athlete Levels

Athletes Mayan Man

The Mayan Man Triathlon might sound intense, but you will have the opportunity to participate in whatever level you feel more comfortable. The race will start with the swimming competition, but you can sign in for the Sprint or Half Triathlon, each with different lengths for swimming and bike race. All competitors will get a participation medal, and there are trophies for the first, second and third place. Each contestant will get a really cool kit to participate. In total the organizing team is expecting over 2,000 participants. You can still purchase your tickets and joining the Mayan Man Triathlon for this Saturday and Sunday.

Open Invitation

Mayan Man Triathlon contestants

Athletes of all levels are invited, and tickets go from 2,000 pesos and up, depending on the level. The contestants will have the opportunity to participate surrounded by a unique scenario; the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. The beautiful Caleta in Tankah will be the host for this incredible Triathlon. After the event, you will enjoy a local cenote for refreshing. If you contact us in advance we can arrange the transportation and give you a few tips to add to your adventure. The Mayan Man Triathlon will start on August 3rd at noon and will continue the following day at 4:00 pm. Send us an e-mail to [email protected] to request more details or send your questions about this or similar events.

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