The Where, When And How For Tequila Lovers On Holidays

The south part of Mexico is rich in culture and traditions that we are always proud of showing to travelers. The tequila is simply one of the best liquors that represent the true essence of Mexican people and their culture. And we have found recent information on where to find the most exquisite selection of tequila while you enjoy your vacation.

Keeping in mind that travelling to Mexico should also include a culinary experience, tequila tastings are the higlights of your trip to this beautiful country. We are always suggesting our travelers to go beyond what is expected, to discover new places, to explore off the beaten paths and get out of the comfort zone. This time we got the best options for you to taste, purchase and enjoy one of the best and most authentic Mexican beverages; Tequila.

Directly From Tequila Town

Agave Azul

We can find different stores at the Riviera Maya where purchasing Tequila can be affordable and practical. The options are many but we have found a store we highly recommend since the Tequila actually comes directly from the town where tequila is originally made; Tequila, Jalisco. This city is famous for having the “Agave Azul” which is a unique type of Maguey plant, used for the elaboration of tequila. La Cofradía company originally based in Tequila, Jalisco, has recently open a new store in Playa del Carmen offering competitive prices and original designs. Handmade and culture inspired bottles that function not only as containers but as souvenirs as well.

La Cofradía store is located on 5th Avenue and 38th street and you can find both types of tequila; Añejo and Reposado. What really impressed us about this store is the process of their product; faithful to the original process and the history of the the brand. Their prices are really affordable and they offer discounts on large orders.

Tequila Food Pairing

Ziggy´s Tequila Night

From Playa del Carmen to Tulum, there are many options to find good quality tequila and food. One of our favorite places in Playa del Carmen is Yaxche Restaurant for its amazing service and authentic Yucatan dishes. In Akumal you can find good tequila and food options right on the beach at La Buena Vida Restaurant. But the King of the options must be Ziggy´s Restaurant in Tulum, with an entire night dedicated to tequila.

Ziggy´s Restaurant tequila night happens every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. The place is decorated accordingly and the tequila tasting is accompanied by a Mexican delicious buffet that includes; Traditional margarita drink, guacamole and tortilla chips, tortilla soup, grouper fillet in “borracha” sauce and crunchy almond and cactus or pastor steak marinated with esquites and Huitlacoche. For dessert they have vanilla sugar donuts, hot chocolate and banana flan.

For Tequila Fans

La Cofradía Factory

Like we mentioned previously, Riviera Maya offers a great variety of places to taste good quality tequila. However, some people prefer visiting the actual place where tequila is born. In this case La Cofradía offers a once in a lifetime experience; The chance to discover Tequila, Jalisco wonders while tasting the delicious Mexican liquor. The trip can be pretty much tailored and it can go from one and up to three days full of activities.

If you happen to have two or three days to spare and visit another city, we highly recommend you to join this adventure. Some of the activities include tequila tasting of course, designing your own bottle, horse riding, parachute and wearing typical and authentic clothing from Jalisco. The accommodation is at La Cofradía Hotel which is inside the tequila factory. Every tour is different and they organize everything including flights to Tequila, Jalisco.

If you are a fan of tequila and want to find out more about stores, restaurants or to inquire about Tequila tasting trips, don´t forget to contact your personal concierge at: [email protected]

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