Tamara Adame’s Manatus Mexico Offers a Memorable Diving Experience

My guest today, Tamara Adame, was born and raised Puerto Morelos, here in the Riviera Maya. After studying in Merida, Tamara spent 10 years in Europe, devoting most of her time to Brussels, Belgium. It was there she rekindled her love of diving and the ocean.

When she returned to Mexico, she met up with a friend who also grew up in Puerto Morelos and who, like her, wanted to educate people about environmental protections, sustainability of the reef environment, and take them underwater to experience the unrivaled beauty. So the two friends created the environmentally responsible, educational, dive company, Manatus Mexico.

Tamara remarks that the Riviera Maya area has grown so much in a short period of time. It’s up to people to balance what is getting out of balance. The entire Yucatan peninsula is linked together. The reef is a complex system of life — you are looking at thousands of organisms at once.

Tamara loves the cenotes, walks in the jungle, and the colonial inland cities of the past. She recommends visitors ask as many questions, and learn as much as possible while they are in the area.

4 Tips from Tamara:

  • Go inland. It will change the way you think about Mexico.
  • Visit a Mayan ruin with a local guide. The structures are hand-carved and astrologically connected.
  • Visit the coral reef. Snorkel or dive to see the amazing fish.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden in Puerto Morelos.

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