Talleres Cero – Children Workshops in Tulum

Tulum is an evolving community with limited opportunities for its youths’ physical and mental development. In 1992, a group of the women in the community decided to dedicate their time to different arts and crafts, to help in the development of the children’s artistic ability and channel their creative energy towards better personal development.

The organization gives weekly arts and crafts classes including plastics, handicrafts, jewelry making, sewing, paper recycling, nutrition, theatre and acting. There is also a library on premises where the habit of reading is encouraged.

Talleres participates in cultural events, present expositions, children’s theatre, and a variety of activities on the streets of Tulum. They also collaborate in campaigns for environmental awareness and protection.

I had the opportunity to visit the Talleres, or workshops, recently. The children were working on a batik project headed up by Sally. Sally was teaching the children to make batik-designed greeting cards. The children worked well together from start to finish, getting supplies out, working on their own project, assisting others and cleaning up.

The “Talleres Escuela” is an enclosed palapa with electricity. A second palapa serves as their library of books in Spanish. Several of the year’s projects include the Anniversary to Taller, which everyone participates at the event in the Cancha Maya with children’s theatre, displays of their artwork, and a general party.







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