February 28, 2017

Save 9% When Shopping In The Riviera Maya – Tax Back Program in Mexico

Now this is pretty cool. Not only will your Riviera Maya vacation be inexpensive with a stellar exchange rate but you can also save 9% on […]
December 18, 2013
exchanging money in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Travel Tip – ATMs for Pesos

The most convenient way to buy pesos is by using an ATM. You will often receive better exchange rates, even though you have to pay a […]
August 30, 2013

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Currency – Keep the Change

We often get asked questions about tipping. Who? How much? But did you know coins other than pesos have no value here in Mexico? Your quarters, […]
May 8, 2013
how to exchange money in the Riviera maya

Riviera Maya vacation tip – how to exchange money at the bank

Now this is a mystery to even some locals that live in the Riviera Maya. Since 2010, money exchange at local banks has been a every […]
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