March 17, 2018

If You Are Lucky You Will See The Snake On The Equinox

This is a special guest post from George Fery* Twice a year, at each equinox, the sun plays with the angles of the northeast stairway of […]
February 2, 2018
Chacchoben Ruins

Discover for Yourself Mayan Ruins Few Ever See in the Heart of the Jungle

Located in the Costa Maya lake region, the Mayan ruins of Chacchoben sat in silence for almost a thousand years.   Once the largest community in the […]
January 6, 2017

Super Cool Mayan Ruin 90 Minutes from the Riviera Maya – Naranjal Ruins

We are back to our off the beaten track exploring and man, we are having a blast. We are once again weaving through small pueblos, finding […]
May 22, 2015

Local Profile – Laura Raikes Coco’s Cat Rescue

This Local Profile is a little bit different from our others. Laura Raikes has been living in Playa del Carmen for almost a decade with a […]
October 28, 2013
mulbipollo-Yuctatecan day of the dead food tradition

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Try Mucbipollo, a Maya tradition.

Mucbipollo is a traditional Maya dish usually prepared for the Day of the Dead celebrations. It is a chicken or pork tamale pie that is wrapped […]
October 18, 2013
coba-ruins in the Yucatan Mexico

Yucatan Photo of the Day – Folk Art – Traditional Maya clothing

As an heirloom culture, the Maya are a very traditional people, rarely changing the way they do things and in some small villages the way they […]
October 18, 2013
casa de los venados in Valladolid

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – Visit Casa de los Venados

While vacationing in the Riviera Maya, take a day trip to Valladolid to get immersed in real Mayan culture. This colonial city has been dubbed a […]
September 11, 2013
shaman-ceremony in Tulum

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Shamans – Natural healers

Shamans are still very much a part of Mayan society today. They are the healers and spiritual leaders of their communities. They treat their patients with […]
September 9, 2013
Mayan Temazacal in Tulum Mexico

Riviera Maya Nature Vacation Tip – Temazcal – A Mayan Cleansing

Nature vacations should be physically renewing as well as spiritually, and according to the Maya, time spent in a temazcal is both. The Mayan culture believes […]
August 26, 2013

Akumal Photo of the Day – Mayan Canoe – A sacred ritual

Each year, participants re-enact the ritual journey of the ancient Maya who traveled from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel in canoes just like this one to […]
August 19, 2013

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Maya Ball Court – An ancient passion

You have heard of sports fanatics, called “fanatics” because of their crazy passion for competition. The ancient Maya felt the same way about Pok-ta-Pok, the Mayan […]
July 24, 2013

Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Maya Sculpture – Echo in stone.

This sculptor located on the Coba road is creating Maya stone sculptures very much the way ancient Mayan artists did.  Many of these sculptures are replicas […]
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