July 28, 2017

Cool Places to Work Out in the Riviera Maya

  Exercising outside just seems to make a work out better and faster! There are some cool places to work out in the Riviera Maya that […]
October 11, 2016

Yasmin Vera — Fun Fitness Vacations at the Beach

My guest, Yasmin Vera, and I only recently met. We were both at the airport in Houston, Texas, waiting for our flight to Cancun. It turns […]
January 25, 2016
Places in the Riviera Maya You Won't Find on Google Maps

Four Places in the Riviera Maya You Won’t Find on Google Maps

Google maps has been slow in updating Riviera Maya places on their maps app. We found some pretty cool places you will not find on Google […]
March 2, 2015

March 2015 Events and Carnival Parades in the Riviera Maya

Easter arrives earlier than usual in 2015 so March events in the Riviera Maya seem more than past years. Annual local events intertwine with carnival parades […]
April 25, 2014
Tulum running route for active vacationers

Tulum Vacation Tip – Tulum Running Route

Not sure where the best place to run in Tulum is? The beach can be a first choice but if you are looking to complete a […]
April 21, 2014

Playa del Carmen vacation tip – Running route in Playa

So you want to have a good run while on vacation but you are not sure where to run or where would be a great place […]
November 22, 2013
Crossfit Playa del Carmen

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip – NEW Crossfit Locations

Crossfit is the NEW way to stay in shape and the Riviera Maya has several Playa del Carmen locations where you can give it a try, […]
November 20, 2013
Healthy lifestyles in Riviera Maya

Living and Vacationing Healthy Living and Vacationing Healthy

Today, more and more people are opting for healthier options at home AND on vacation. If you are looking for the vacation destination that will allow […]
September 30, 2013
Where to watch american football in the Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Vacation Tip of the Day – It’s Football Season – Cheer Here!

It’s football season and we know guys (and lots of gals too) hate to miss cheering on their favorite team while on vacation. Here is a […]
July 29, 2013
Baseball in Cancun Mexico

Cancun Photo of the Day – Baseball in Cancun – Go Tigres!

The championship winning team, the Quintana Roo Tigers, have made baseball popular in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Playoff games start in August and these boys […]
April 16, 2013
Cenote Cristalino entrance and store near Tulum mexico

Tulum photo of the day – Cenote Cristalino

This photo was taken at Centoe Cristalino just north of Tulum. It is pictures like these that warm our hearts and give us a big smile […]
January 16, 2013
sun-spiration in the Riviera Maya Locogringo

Get SUN-inspired in the Riviera Maya!

This month at Locogringo is inspiration month! With December 21 over and the world still around, a New Year just behind us and some exciting things […]
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