Taco Stand Tour-A Culinary Experience In Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is the favorite destination of foodies from all over the globe. It is easier to find affordable and tasty food options in this area and close to your vacation home. Not only restaurant have amazing meals to offer but the Yucatán peninsula is covered in food stands that are really competitive when it comes to please food lovers. Seafood, Mexican-spicy, Italian, French cuisine and even Indian, Riviera Maya is by far one of the top destination to enjoy of authentic food. It was this knowledge that encouraged one of the greatest ideas in tours; Riviera Maya Food Tours. It offers something different, unique, affordable and very interesting. More than a tour a whole new experience where you can “taste” the culture of Mexico in the south part of the country. The Taco Stand Tour is just another genius idea, that gives you the opportunity to explore one of the emblematic fast foods in Mexico; the beloved taco.

Riviera Maya Is The King Of Taco Stands

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We had to honor somehow the best of Mexican fast food; The taco. It is simple to visit Riviera Maya and try different meals but everyone knows that if you don´t try a taco while in Mexico it´s like you never visit the country at all. The Yucatan peninsula is surrounded by delicious food options and while you discover amazing places it is always good to go beyond and try local meals. In Riviera Maya you can find the best places to eat tacos. In Playa del Carmen the best ones are Tacos El Fogon or Don Sirloin. In Tulum Taquería La Eufemia is the favorite of many, located on Tulum beach road. And if you visit Tulum town you can find El Borrego Loco taco place. Wherever your face turns you will see a taco place, this is one of the perks of visiting a country where food is an icon.

Endless Options For The Tour

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If you are worried about not having enough proximity to your vacation home, don´t be. There are many taco stands around you and nothing better than a local person to show you around. You only need to decide the date and give us at least half of a day to plan everything for you. Have friends and family who want to join? Bring them! We can arrange a large van to fit everybody and spend an amazing Taco Stand Tour day. The rates vary according number of people and your location (distance to the taco stands) but you are looking at around $60.00usd or $70.00usd per person. The rates include transportation during the tour (when needed) and all the food and non-alcoholic drinks at every stop you make during the tour. The Taco Stand Tour is not just to try tacos, it is a new way to explore the culture of the place, the history of the tortilla, the ingredients to make every dish. At the end you will have a full stomach, a knowledgeable perspective of the area and a smile on your face.

Get A Quote Or Book A Tour

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If you are not sure if this tour will be the one for you, send us an e-mail and ask all the questions. We will happily give you all the details and information about the different options, because this tour is 100% flexible. The time you have available for the tour will not determinate if you are eligible to join in. The Taco Stand Tour can be provided in the morning, for lunch or dinner and the more people the merrier. The duration of the tour is around 3 hours counting on the time invested in transportation. Do not miss the chance to join this culinary experience and try something different. In addition to this incredible tour we also recommend two of the best cooking schools in the area. If you happen to be close to Tulum Lina´s Cooking Class would be perfect for you. And if you are closer to Playa del Carmen or Cancun The Little Mexican Cooking School is located in Puerto Morelos. Both offer daily cooking classes and can be books through LocoGringo Concierge.

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