Mexico’s New Vision for Growth and Development For Tulum

Green will be Tulum’s New Color

In October the municipality of Tulum will be designated by President Enrique Peña Nieto, as Mexico’s first sustainable tourism development according to the Quintana Roo Secretary of Tourism. The goal of the designation is to ensure that natural resources are protected, communities’ cultures and values are respected.

Under the designation, Tulum would implement a range of sustainable tourism projects with a focus on the green economy. Tulum was chosen because it has one of the highest rates of growth along the Mexican Caribbean Coast, but the growth is chaotic, and the infrastructure has not kept up with the rapid increase in the number of hotels. Once the presidential decree has been issued, authorities will seek to adopt policies that allow the municipality to grow in a more orderly fashion and resources will be allocated to establish sustainability criteria, said Marisol Vanegas Pérez.

Turtles vs. Developers, Turtles win!

While Tulum’s growth has snowballed in recent years, not all developers have gotten their way. Just this past week, the federal Secretary of the Environment blocked the construction of a 520-room resort on Xcacel beach. 

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Source: El Economista
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