Summertime Fun in the Riviera Maya

Summertime Fun in the Riviera Maya
Summer is the time to get out and about in more remote and interesting places in the Riviera Maya. Like summers up north, it is a time to really relax and get off the beaten path. We have some summertime favorite spots that we love to venture to and hang out at for at least a night. We thought we would share some of these summer retreats.

Costa de Cocos Bungalows in the Costa Maya

Costa de Cocos Bungalows in the Costa Maya This is a remote hotel in the Costa Maya. We feel we are at the end of the world when we visit. This is old school paradise which means a high chill factor. What we love about this little get away are all the things we can see along the way! If you love to fish, this is going to be your paradise.

Hemingway’s Cabanas in Tulum

>Hemingway's Cabanas in Tulum This feels a bit like glamping but its not. Hemingway’s has old school cabanas on a beautiful part of Tulum beach, solar powered, lights out early. Their cabanas feel like a home away from home. We have spent many evenings at Hemingway’s and we have very fond memories of all of our stays. What we love about this place is that you step right out onto the beach from your cabin, and just take in that Tulum chill factor.

Hotel Mawimbi on Isla Holbox

Hotel Mawimbi on Isla Holbox We try to get up to Holbox at least once in the summer so we can hop on a whale shark tour. I don’t think it is possible to get too many whale shark tours under your belt. Mawimbi is our long time favorite place and continues to be. What do we love about about this place? You can’t beat the sunset.   Long summer nights just make a getaway seem better, with more sunlight hours to explore and have more adventures. Summertime in the Riviera Maya rocks though some may say we have summer all year long! Check out our summer deals with our local partners in all Riviera Maya cities.
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