Indulge in a Steamy Evening in the Riviera Maya Jungle

Light our inner fire with this Mayan experience in the heart of the jungle. The Temazcal is deeply rooted in the Mayan tradition, a sweat lodge ceremony that cleanses the mind and body. As a couple’s retreat and evening activity, nothing could be more authentic to the area and bring you closer to a healthier, more youthful pair.

Dos Palmas is located south of Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Akumal. If you are staying in Tulum, this secret location is to the north. You and your partner will venture into the jungle at sunset with a Mayan Shaman as your guide to wash your spirits of stress, toxins, and slow energy. After a copal incense cleanse, your Shaman Master will guide you through the process of sweating useless energy and replace it with a lively, healthier power. A jump in the cenote will revive your spirit having you ready for the Mayan dinner that concludes your evening.

This is a 1.5 hour cleanse that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and connected by the end of the ceremony. Wild herbs cleanse your body, while local honey replenishes your soul. This ceremony gives you a real Mayan experience in the environment they keep so sacred; the jungle and a cenote. 

It is currently $200 USD* for two people. 

Contact our concierge to set up your hot night in the jungle.


* The price is subject to change. 


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