Small Riviera Maya Group Tours for a Fun Family Experience

Small Riviera Maya Group Tours for a Fun Family Experience

If you are looking for a local experience in the Riviera Maya, then large tours are the best option. There are lots of small Riviera Maya group tours that are fun for both kids and parents. Grandparents will get a kick out of these as well!

Small group tours provide a very different experience to the popular large bus tours so many people grab through street vendors and resorts. They are personal, you get to interact with your guide and gain a true understanding of their life in Mexico. When it comes to your actual tour, your guide will make sure that you explore deeper and get unique perspectives of the sites that you have hired them to show you. This makes all the difference when you have limited time in the area and want to really understand the area.

Let’s take a recent trip to Chichen Itza for example. This particular group was interested in the Mayan God Chac, the Rain God. The guide picked up on this during the drive to the archeological site and made sure that he spent more time explaining the influence and relevance of the Rain God. Though he kept to the tour parameters, he made sure he spent a little more time on the buildings that were built to honor this god. He also spent time on the trip home suggesting other Mayan archeological sites that had an emphasis on this Mayan God. For this family, their trip was so much better as the guide listened to their interests and made sure he added extra value to their Chichen Itza tour.

Small Riviera Maya Group Tours for a Fun Family Experience

Local Riviera Maya Tour Companies that Understand Families

This list by no means is exhaustive. There are lots of tour companies that appreciate the needs of families. We are suggesting these companies because we know them. We know the guides, we know they too have families, and in many cases small children. Who better to appreciate a family tour than a father or mother themselves?

YucaTreks – This is a family run business so they intimately know the needs of families. Mitch and his wife Shawn take great care to ensure your entire family gets what they need on one of their tours. They have been conducting tours for over a decade, and do it well. You will find drinks for the little ones as well as for adults in your tour van, and your guide can anticipate your child’s needs during a tour. Tour sizes are up to 14 people, but you can book a personal tour if you really want an exclusive family day.

Aktun Chen – This is a great eco park for the entire family. What we love about this park is the attention to customer service, small groups, and their focus on education. Most of the guides in the three areas of the park are from Tulum. They have kids and love to make the day fun for kids. You will not be in long line ups to explore this eco park as the front reception staggers activities with guests. If a family enters right before you, you will be directed to a different activity than them so you don’t have to wait in line. Now that is service.

Ask Paulina! – Our Loco Gringo concierge Paulina can design a family day just for you. Tell her what you are interested in, and she will make the arrangements from your transport to the places you want to visit. If you have packed too much into the day, she will let you know. If you are not sure where you want to go, let her design the perfect family day for you. She is a genius planner, so give her a shout at [email protected] and start planning your perfect family day.

Curious about what the Riviera Maya is all about? Check out our Loco Gringo Directory  where we have mapped out many of the best restaurants, local Mexican eats and more! There is so much to do in the Riviera Maya, and your kids will love the diverse activities.

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