Old ‘Skewl’ Mexico Where Chilling and the Sea Are Your Best Friend – Xcalak

If your ideal vacation is chilling, chatting, fishing and palm trees, Xcalak just might be your place, in fact we might be so bold to say, it is your place.

Xcalak, located in the Costa Maya, is the most southern tip on the East Coast of Mexico. Its very location has preserved the old school way of vacationing where you are unplugged, off the grid, and just far enough from everything that you are not eager to explore the notable sites most vacationers place on their list.

This location is about exploring locally and taking in the local activities – fishing, diving, sitting under a palm trees and drinking artisan beer and whiskey. It is about the sea, swapping stories, getting up early and going to bed early. There is no pressure to do, you will just want to be.

What You Want to Take Advantage of In Xcalak

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In the process of being there are a few things you will want to take advantage of. Xcalak has world class bone fishing. If you want to try your hand at a new sport, or if you are a seasoned fisherman looking for your first grand slam, Xcalak is the place to do it!

Artisan Beer and Whiskey are the drinks of choice here but margaritas are easy to find. The made-in-Xcalak beers have fun names like Sunset Ambar Ale, Tarpon Tale Pale Ale, and Permit Porter. Their Mula Blanca Corn Whiskey is where local brewing and distilling started and it continues to grow. Don’t let the location inspired names deter you, this is good beer, and sold throughout the Costa Maya. Mango Moonshine is in charge of the production and continues to add new products.

Coconut Palm Trees line the coast
of this little town and make your vacation feel magical. Not only will you have fresh coconuts each day, but the palms whispering in the wind and the shade from these tropical trees guarantees a relaxing vacation overlooking the water.

Diving is one other activity we love to do in Xcalak. On a calm day dive trips head out to Banco Chinchurro. For divers this is a dream come true. This UNESCO marine park and dive site is a large atoll with shipwrecks, tropical fish, and so much more. It is a one of kind marine opportunity should not be missed.

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Early Evening Stories. This has to be the best part of Xcalak. Whether you talk to a local or a visitor, Xcalak is all about sharing stories with a beer, whiskey or margarita in hand. Community is at the heart of Xcalak and you will feel a part of it once you land on the sand.

Where to Stay In Xcalak

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Our friends at Costa de Coco’s embrace the Xcalak lifestyle in everything they do. They are chill, love to facilitate activities when asked, have a great restaurant, brew that beer and moonshine we have been talking about, and are at the center of the stories. They have been instrumental at creating the community associated with Xcalak over the past 30+ years.

Listen to Dave’s story on our Loco Gringo Podcast and learn even more about this old ‘skewl’ location.

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