One of the greatest gifts in the area is the possibility to reach incredible natural places without having to search a lot. Riviera Maya offers amazing options for nature lovers that have easy access to the public. The beautiful Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an with over 1,000,000 of Acres is the home for protected flora and fauna. Representing also one of the most ambitious projects of environmental protection in Mexico. Quintana Roo might have many stunning attractions but definitely nothing like the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an.

A Local Reserve That Welcomes Travelers

Access Sian Ka´an

There is no other place that deserves its name like Sian Ka´an. In Mayan language it means heaven door or “the place where heaven starts”. And no wonder why, because the 7 shades of blue in the water and exotic fauna makes this place unique. Half of the Reserve is the jungle and the other half is the Sea, which means you can join many activities. Visitors have 7 different access but the most common is at the South part of Tulum towards Boca Paila. The entire Reserve was declared a heritage area in 1987 and at the moment is supervised and protected by Mayan communities. The place is open to the public but there are certain rules to follow if you want to visit the place.

Day Trips And Activities In Sian Ka´an

Sian Ka´an visitors

At the moment there are two different Mayan cooperatives that offer tours onsite; Amigos de Sian Ka´an and Visit Sian Ka´an. There is also a list of local Tour operators who have gained the trust of the Mayan Villages and now bring small groups. But the place maintain strict regulations to protect the ecosystems. Sustainable tourism is our only way to preserve this kind of places that are so important for the conservation of Mexico´s heritage. Most of the recommendations include; not throwing garbage in undesignated areas, wearing bio-friendly sunscreen and mosquito repellent and follow indications of local guides. The activities you can enjoy onsite are: snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, boat tours, kayaking, paddle board, ATV tours, fly fishing and archeological visits.

Discover The Biosphere On Your Own

Sian Ka´an lagoon

*Photo courtesy of Pedro Noriega

The most common ways to visit the Biosphere are; renting a car and requesting a guided tour onsite. Or booking a tour in advance with one of the Tour operators. We highly recommend the experts in the area like Eco Colors ToursYucatreks or Mexico Kan Tours. These Tour operators offer not just off the beaten path options but are also extremely knowledgeable of the area. If you prefer to explore on your own we recommend you to rent a car with enough time in advance. Once you get to the Biosphere you will meet the local guides who are ready to provide boat tours or any other activity. If your group is large and you prefer to hire a driver, we can assist you with that. Planning a day trip to Sian Ka´an is easy once you have the number of visitors and preferred date to visit. *Due to the lack of signal in Sian Ka´an area, local guides are unable to reply most of e-mails and phone calls. So we highly recommend you to either book a tour in advance or wait until you arrive to Sian Ka´an to request a guided tour. Contact your Concierge for more details.

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