Best Way to Shop for Airline Deals to Cancun

Airlines are mixing things up a bit making it a bit harder to find the best deals for a flight to Cancun. At Loco Gringo it is important to us that we keep you up to date on how to find the best deals for your vacation. We have conducted a bit of research to keep you informed. Our list below outlines the best way to find stellar prices for your flight to Cancun, the gateway to the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Yucatan.

How to Find Cheap Airfare to Cancun

There used to be some ‘magic’ involved in booking your airfare but as of 2014, cheap flights are all about searching and searching often. I know, we all want to get our flight off the vacation planning list, but for deals, you may have to wait for that to happen or work a little harder.

If you want to find a deal, it is a matter of searching and searching often. This goes for paid flights and reward flights. Prices or flight availability when using points changes frequently, or so we have been told.

1. Search often and buy the deal when you see it. Know what a good deal is and this will only happen if you search through various sites, both with the airline directly and through third party sites. When you see the deal grab it! And don’t look back.

2. Book with airlines that offer a price drop reward. JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines all offer this option. If you book a flight with them and later find that they have dropped the price, they will reward the difference. The difference is in the form of a voucher, but none the less, it is reward. The voucher can be used for your next flight!

3. Check Twitter. Twitter is the spot for last minute deals so follow your airline and see if any deals come up. This option is for the flexible traveler, so might not be for everyone. It is a nice option if you can fly on the fly.

4. Check for extra fees before you book your flight. Airlines include taxes in their prices but they are not including their extra fees until you have paid for the flight. Extra charges for seat selections and checked baggage seem to be the norm these days. Check what to expect before you book as these fees can significantly increase the final price of a ticket. Fees for your pet differ from airline to airline so check their fee structure before you book your seat!

5. Book Directly with the Airline. This can take a bit of time, and a bit of patience, but booking directly with an airline instead of a third party site or a travel agent.

6. Sign up for airline alerts. If you are on the email list for an airline you will receive their deal lists. Same goes for Loco Gringo’s vacation rental list, so sign up now for our deals.

We all hate change, especially the rapid change that seems to go with airline pricing and finding the best deal. If you are okay with doing a bit of online research, deals can be found. Use this list as a guide so you don’t have any surprises.

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