School Is In So You are Out!

There is this wonderful time between the Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving (second Sunday in October to the third week of November) where kids are so busy with school, they don’t even notice that their parents are around. Whether your kids are in university, or in K to 12, this time of year is all about school. There are no holidays, teachers are handing out lots of homework…so why not take advantage of this parenting lull and run off on vacation, just the two of you.

Not only are the kids super busy, but…flights are cheap, vacation rentals cheaper, and local attractions are less busy. It almost feels like you have the Riviera Maya to yourself..almost. Countries around the world have the same lull period. Mexico and South American families have to wait until November 20th for their first holiday weekend, Americans wait for Thanksgiving, and after the second Sunday in October Canadians are doomed until Christmas.

The savings can be anywhere from 20% to 40% depending on the vacation you are looking for. Shop owners will bargain even more than they normally do. Many restaurants offer prix fix menus (they are called Executive menus on the coast) where you can order a three course meal from a small selection of specialties for a very,very good price.

So why not disappear for a week while the kids bury themselves in school work. Use this as a great excuse to get away as a couple, save some money, and just chill before the real holidays start rolling in.

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