Save 9% When Shopping In The Riviera Maya – Tax Back Program in Mexico

Now this is pretty cool. Not only will your Riviera Maya vacation be inexpensive with a stellar exchange rate but you can also save 9% on your shopping. Now that is a deal! And makes shopping while on vacation a little more enticing. (like you needed some more help with that!)

What is the Money Back Program?

The Money Back Program is a tax program offered in Mexico to visitors. Sorry locals, you cannot benefit from this program. The program has been operating since 2008 but recently expanded to the Riviera Maya and Cancun.

This is how it works. If you purchase items in participating stories, you can apply for cash back when departing the country. Your refund is 9% on applicable items, and will be reimbursed directly onto your credit card.

This cash back program is only for shopping. It does not apply to your accommodations or restaurants. But think about it, if you purchase items at participating stores you get 9% back!

So which stores you ask? The list is long, but here are a few that might interest you.

Costco, Coach, Birkenstock, Zara, Sears, MAC, Sephora, Body Shop, Swatch, Museum of Tequila and Mezcal, Nike.

These stores are located in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and some are at the Cancun airport. I would encourage you to go to the web page to see all the stores that participate in the program. This is just a small, very small sample of where you can shop and save. Keep your receipts and follow the three easy steps to get your 9% back.

1. Pay for your shopping at any of the participating stores and save your receipts. If you pay in cash purchases need to be under 3000 pesos, if you pay with credit card you purchases are unlimited but need to be 1200 pesos per purchase at participating stores.
2. Bring your passport and receipts to any of the Money Back Centers located at the airport, the pier where you board your cruise ship, or any kiosk at a major mall. In Playa del Carmen you can submit your information at the Nautica Store in Paseos del Carmen shopping mall, or Diamonds International Stores. Both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 have booths for Money Back.
3. Wait for your refund which will show up on your credit card. Cheques and cash are not provided before you leave. The refund takes about 3 weeks.

If you want to speed up the process download the application form and hand this in with your receipts and passport.
Now that is nice addition to your vacation, no?

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