Riviera Maya and Yucatan Memories – Uxmal Ruins

There are a lot of great memories from your Riviera Maya and Yucatan trips but where were your all time favorite memories? Uxmal comes pretty high on the list for a lot of reasons. Sure, the Uxmal ruins are spectacular, but the Uxmal experience and adventure is what brought such great memories.

Getting There is Half the Fun – Road Tripping to Uxmal

Uxmal is located in the state of the Yucatan on the Ruta Puuc that runs from Merida south to Xlapak and then returns through the small village and Mani and back up to Merida. Uxmal is about three hours on this small highway from Merida (you can take the 180 to Uxmal but is not half as much fun) by car. If driving is not your gig, take a local bus to the ruins. No matter how you get there, make this an overnight trip so you can take it all in.

The Ruta Puuc is full of small villages, rolling hills, smaller ruins sites and some pot holes. You will see the House of the Magician as you start to near the Uxmal Archaeological site. The site is big, so arrive mid afternoon on your first day and take advantage of the peace after tour buses leave at 2:00 pm. If you see a taco stand, stop. These could end up being some of the best tacos you ever had. The highway is lined with jungle and you will see few cars. It is quite a glorious sight.

Riviera Maya and Yucatan Memories - Uxmal Ruins

The Uxmal Ruins – Museum, Photos and a Whole Lot of History

Give yourself a few hours in the Uxmal Ruins each day. There is a small museum at the entrance that shows what the original ruins looked like when discovered and what they look like today. Archaeologists uncovered the fabulous buildings and there are still more to excavate. If you are not familiar with Uxmal, read our description of this Mayan Ruin. If you are familiar with it, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Uxmal Night Show – Yet Another Side to this Mayan Ruin Site

Uxmal has an evening light show that provides a more in depth history of this Mayan city. We suggest visitors stay overnight in one of the few hotels nearby to avoid night driving on the Ruta Puuc or HWY 180. A persona l favorite is Hacienda Uxmal  just a hop skip and a jump from the ruins.

People Make This Entire Experience Great

We met a lot of people on our two day trip, both travelers and local employees. Our interaction with others, either locals or visitors, is really what takes this trip from good to great. I don’t know if there is magic at Uxmal, or if this particular ruin site attracts interesting and wonderful people, but we loved swapping stories with all the people we met.

Have fun on this memorable adventure. It is a great two day adventure from the Riviera Maya or can be a part of a Yucatan adventure that takes you through Quintana Roo and the Yucatan.

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