Riviera Maya photo of the day – purified water delivered to your door

akumal photo of the day living it up in the ocean

I was having my water delivered today and thought it would make a fun post. In case anyone has any question about the purity of drinking water in Mexico, this is how your water is delivered and how it is packaged to ensure save drinking water for your vacation villa or vacation condo. The large jugs are called ‘garafons’ and can be delivered to your villa or if you want a real local experience, you just trek down to the local store and exchange your empty garafon for a new one. Remember to take your empty one as a garafon has a deposit attached to it! A garafon of water if you exchange your empty one is 26 pesos. just under 2 USD. If you forget to bring your empty one the price increases to 96 pesos. If you want to return your empty garafon at the end of your vacation, ask at any local store and you will receive 70 pesos back for the deposit.

This is a wonderful way to get purified water and easy to use as well. If you are looking for Riviera Maya vacation rentals or want to check out what the Riviera Maya has to offer for your next vacation, check this out.

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