Riviera Maya photo of the day – our Mexican food craving!

empanadas in Tulum or Playa del carmen

It is early and we have already decided what is for dinner. When we first arrived in Akumal many moons ago, 20 years to be exact, we used to crave American food. Now we crave Mexican food and I have a soft spot for empanadas. These are delicious and need to be a treat. They are deep-fried, filled with cheese and on top, you guessed it, full cream, lettuce and salsa. Habanero is the salsa of choice for these bad boys, but you can take your pick.

It is off to Dona Marie in Playa del Carmen for dinner so this empanada craving will disappear for yet another 30 days. Check out Dona Marie at 30th Ave and 28th street, and you will start having Mexican food cravings too!  They are closed on Mondays so Tuesday is a great day to go!

Oh, why can’t we crave mangos, or apples, or tomatoes or water!!! Thankfully Dona Marie does not serve beer so these will be washed down with water!

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