Riviera Maya photo of the day – Hogfish in the Caribbean

oceans in the riviera maya hogfish

There are three places you will see the hogfish in the Riviera Maya, diving in the sea, snorkeling in the sea and cooked on a plate at a local restaurant! The hogfish, known in spanish as a ‘Boquinetta’ is an indigenous fish to the Mexican Caribbean and a popular one! They are great to see in the ocean in their natural habitat and can be identified by their large front teeth (no they don’t bite) and spiny backs when you get too close. Being a fishing area, the Riviera Maya restaurants think of the hogfish as a local delicacy. The meat of this fish is light, flaky and wonderful. If you are looking for local, you could not get any more local than the hogfish. If you are looking to spot a unique fish in the sea, this is it!

Check out local scuba diving shops and learn how to dive so you can experience one for the greatest activities the Riviera Maya has to offer.

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