Riviera Maya photo of the day – hidden beach and secret beach

xcacel hidden beach in the riviera maya

When you live in the Riviera Maya you have the opportunity to find hidden beaches, secret beaches and off the beaten path beaches. One of our favorites has been Xcacel just south of Akumal. This beach is a turtle sanctuary that has been tagging, studying and watching the turtles of the Riviera Maya for decades. It is a great beach to go to and a great beach to swim at.

Xcacel does not have a restaurant, or beach chairs or any amenities. If it had all of that, it would not be hidden or a secret. Bring a cooler, your beach chairs and towels. The snorkeling is great at the point to the south. As more people find out about the beach, the sanctuary volunteers do request a a small donation (10 pesos per person is a suggested amount) so they can continue their work and study program.

This could be your beach adventure and new-found secret spot in the Riviera Maya while on vacation. Rental car is recommended to get to the beach as taxi’s are not hanging about and the road to the beach from the highway is long!

Want more details on this secret Riviera Maya beach? Read this article written by LocoGringo that explains how to get there, what to expect and what the turtle sanctuary is doing.

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