Riviera Maya photo of the day! Food photo from Playa del Carmen

Posted January 15, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food,Riviera Maya Photos

chez celline playa del carmen pastry and coffee

What is a vacation without a little bit of decadence? This morning I decided to have a treat, a cafe latte after my morning walk to start the day off right. What I was tempted to do is have an addition treat from Chez Celine and really treat myself. If I was on vacation, I would jumped at the opportunity. With some work ahead of me, it seemed like a bad idea but now I can not stop thinking about it all day! Chez Celine is a french bakery in Playa del Carmen that has a variety of great meals but are well known for their pastries!

Maybe a late afternoon snack might be the ticket. If a french pastry is not what the bathing suit ordered I can always go down the street and have a green juice that is good for me…..or not. What I love is that I have the option, french pastry, Mayan chocolate, frozen yogurt, or….nothing. The food in every city in the Riviera Maya has a local Mexican influence and an international influence making my food life (and waist) the richest one ever! Check out more dessert options in Playa del Carmen and the enormous selection that could keep you busy for weeks, eating and at the gym!

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