Riviera Maya photo of the day! Fishing heaven!

Bone fishing a very popular vacation activity in the Mayan Riviera. In fact we hear that as fishing goes, this is the place to bone fish. Admittedly, we are not fisherman but we have come across a lot of fisherman and shared a beer or two on the beach listening to their great stories. The Sian Kaan Biosphere has flats that are perfect for bone fishing and Tarpon fishing. Did that perk your interest? The brackish water is the perfect breeding ground for both fish types and guess what, the Sian Kaan is full of brackish water…hmmm….fishing…hmmmm, warm weather fishing….hmmmm sorry no ice fishing here. Bring your favorite fishing hat as you are going to need it.

Interested in deep sea fishing or do you just want to toss out the line and relax. Check out more Riviera Maya fishing options throughout the coast and see what interests you the most.

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