Riviera Maya photo – Efficiency at its best

Relax. That is what a vacation is all about right. Recharge your batteries, recharge your mind, take a break and renew yourself.

There are days when you see interesting things in the Riviera Maya and the piñata man is no exception. After a double take and little smile, our comment was, that man is efficient and resourceful. After 20 years of living in the Riviera Maya, there are some days where we still do a double take when we see something out of the ordinary. Funny enough we are noticing that we get a double take when others witness the Locogringos doing something out of the ordinary.

The exception is the norm here, but note that the exception is a cultural exception. The lessons we have learned and continue to learn is what makes our life so rich in the Riviera Maya. This is daily life in the Riviera Maya, now the norm for us, not the exception!

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