Riviera Maya Photo of the Day – Romantic Italian Restaurant

Posted December 30, 2013 by Kay Walten in Food & Drink,Riviera Maya Photos,Riviera Maya Restaurants

Riviera Maya restaurant

Akumal locals and regular visitors know Que Onda, located next to Yalku Lagoon, is filled with fresh pasta and romance. This quaint, jungle restaurant has served delicious Italian food to many vacationing couples for over 15 years. Que Onda is one of our favorite Riviera Maya eateries.

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  1. Peter Dowker, January 11, 2015:

    Does anyone know if this restaurant still closes on Tuesdays?

  2. Kay Walten, January 13, 2015:

    Yes it is still is, but their schedule changes from time to time.

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