Well our love to you this month, in honor of upcoming Valentine’s day. Winter is in full swing, and we sympathize with all of you who have had the effects of the Polar Vortex. Heck, a couple of evenings we even wore a light jacket here.

Life or weather has gotten in the way with some folks’ vacations, and there have been some cancellations, which means excellent deals for you. Perfect for those of you who are last-minute planners or have the flexibility to grab a good deal and take off for the beach.

For short notice bargains, you can find them on our facebook page or our website.

And if you still want to get away for mid-February there are some prime dates open on Soliman Bay in Tulum at some of our favorite places.

Upcoming events:

  • Carnival – February 28 through March 5, 2019
  • Spring Break – Spring Break spans late February to mid-April, with March being the peak period. However, dates can vary depending on your college or university, so be sure to double check with your school that the dates have not changed.
  • Easter – April 20-27 

Great Eats

Yummy goodness at La Vagabunda.

Foodies, if you missed our recent restaurant reviews, you can find them here. #nomnomnom


And if you need a gift for your sweetheart while you are on vacation, reach out to our concierge for dinner reservations, a massage appointment or flowers.


The Tulum Webcam is back ! A big shout out to Taqueria la Eufemia, who hosts our camera. Taqueria la Eufemia is located at 10km on the Tulum beach road.

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