Rio Lagartos photo of the day – the pink lagoon

salt mines in Rio lagaratos north of the Riviera Maya

This photo is real, Photoshop has not been applied to make this pink and we love what we saw in Rio Lagartos. This photo was taken at the Los Coloradas salt mines, an ancient Maya tradition still used to mine salt from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is truly a spectacular sight when you travel to most northern point in the Yucatan. Just 3 hours form Playa del Carmen, 2 hours from Tulum and about 2.20 hours from Akumal, the salt mines are the entrance into the Rio Lagartos Biosphere that is host to 388 species of birds including the famous flamingo.

The pink that you see in this lagoon is created by the same pink crustaceans that make the flamingos pink. As the water in the salt pools begins to evaporate, the concentration of the crustaceans becomes greater, making the pools of water look pink! Rio Lagartos is worth the visit and the flamingos make the trip! Take a boat tour with a local guide and learn about the 4 different mangrove types that live in the rivers, the hundreds of bird species that live and migrate to the area, and watch flamingos 365 days a year! This is sustainable tourism at it best!

Spectacular! Truly and hard to believe until you witness this yourself!

Another glorious day in Mexico, in the Riviera Maya and in Rio Lagartos! Maybe we are not so crazy after all! Locogringo

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