Punta Laguna And Cobá-A Close Encounter With Nature

Punta Laguna cenote

In the search of authentic and exciting options for our travelers, we came along with two great places. Punta Laguna is a natural monkey reserve in a jungle area, far from crowds and touristy sites. Cobá is an enigmatic archeological option with an inviting family vibe. These sites represent a great choice for families who love to find new adventures. Not as crowded as the rest of the local sites and with affordable fees. They also offer a close encounter with the Yucatan cultural and a closer look to the flora and fauna of this region. For first timers and repeat visitors this place always have something to offer.

Punta Laguna The Monkey Reserve

Punta Laguna monkey

Due to the distance and location not many travelers visit Punta Laguna. Is not strongly advertised on the Internet. And the entire reserve is managed by a local cooperative, which makes it more affordable. This place maintains impeccable organizing and cleaning. Most of the guides live there and take great care of the animals, the lagoon and cenote. There are 3 main activities you can request there; zip lining, canoeing through the lagoon and cenote swimming and snorkeling. Other groups enjoy of bird watching or monkey observation. What we love most about this reserve is that animals remain free in their natural habitat. They are not caged and interaction depends entirely of their nature, which makes the experience more unique. All the activities and entrance fee can cost around $500.00 pesos per person. There are bathrooms and showers onsite and a little souvenir store by the entrance. The visit if you do all activities, will take around 3 to 4 hours maximum.

Cobá Enigmatic Vibe

Families cannot ask for more, the cenote onsite is perfect for refreshing after touring the ruins. Bikes are provided for rent and will help you exploring each pyramid without getting too tired. If you visit with a senior or someone with special needs, this is a convenient idea. The pyramids are surrounded by thick jungle but the area is big enough for groups or large families. You can enjoy of a single visit to Cobá but we highly recommend a tour that offers Punta Laguna too. Both places are close by and it will be a shame to miss either one. Cobá is open every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Punta Laguna monkey reserve is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Different Tour Options

Punta laguna canoeing

You can visit Cobá ruins and Punta Laguna separately. If you have your own transportation you can drive to both places and create your own itinerary. In our experience is always better to visit the monkey reserve first. During opening time you can easily beat the crowds and have a better look of the monkeys. For large families or groups you can book an all-inclusive tour with transportation included. An all-inclusive tour with round transportation, all entrance fees and lunch is definitely more practical. You can also tailor your own trip by adding other stops, like souvenir shopping or a visit to another cenote nearby. On an extra note May 10th is Mexican Mother´s Day, and a visit to Punta Laguna and Cobá would make a perfect gift for them. To request a personalized trip or ask for a quote, please e-mail us at: [email protected] or call us: 512-782-9878. Let us design your Punta Laguna and Cobá adventure. Happy Mother´s Day to all the moms around the world who are reading us!

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