Puerto Aventuras vacation tip – buy cheap fish in the marina

buy your fish directly from the fisherman in the riviera maya

Captain Rick’s in Puerto Aventuras has fishing trips each morning and each afternoon. Their trips are great and if you love to deep-sea fish this is a great outfit to hook up with. Our vacation tip is not about fishing though, our vacation tip is about buying fresh fish at great prices. Waiting for the fishing boats at noon or at 4 pm in the marina at Puerto Aventuras is a sure-fire way to get dinner and not have to work for it.

For many people who fish, fishing is a sport. At the end of the fishing trip they let the captain keep the fish caught that day as eating is not what they were looking for. Lucky land lovers can buy this fish on the cheap when the boat captain comes in making everyone happy. The captain gets some money, the fish eater gets their dinner and the sport fisherman caught his fish. It is a win-win situation.

If you are in other areas on the coast of the Riviera Maya, watch for the fisherman coming in from their trips, either personal or commercial and see what is up for sale straight out of the boat! take it home, cook it up and you will remember that fish for the rest of your life! There is nothing like fresh fish from the sea eaten within hours of it being caught. The savings are even better!

Check out local fishing areas so you can hang around looking to buy your next meal!

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