Prize Winning Vacation Rentals in the Riviera Maya and Soliman Bay

We love beautifully and thoughtfully designed vacation properties and boutique hotels. We have been known to just stop at a stunning property and ask for tour to see if it is worthy for our guests.
Just recently we seem to have a slew of properties recognized for their historical significance or their sustainable architecture and design. Interested? Read on to find out which of our properties were recognized for their sustainable design that takes any vacation beyond the usual.

Casa Xixim in Soliman Bay – Featured in Dwell Magazine

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Casa Xixim is a beautiful and artfully designed home on Soliman Bay Beach, Tulum. If you are unfamiliar with Dwell magazine this online and paper magazine is a collaborative platform for architects, designers, and enthusiasts to share and discover inspiring design. It is surprising that it took so long to feature Casa Xixim.

Dwell Magazine described this extraordinary home as an elegantly designed modern villa tucked between the turquoise ocean and the lush jungle vegetation of the Yucatan—plus it’s only seconds from the beach and minutes from the ruins of Tulum.

What we love about this house and have always loved about this house is their attention to detail when it comes to design, comfort, families, and the environment in which this house is built. Architect team Specht Harpman purposefully designed this home to be fully self-sufficient while immersing guests in the variety and diverse environments that the property offers.

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What do people love about this home? The living areas takes full advantage of the paradise that lives outdoors by using space and views to enhance the design. This house is one of the very few that has a view of both a sunrise and a sunset every day!

The owner’s dream to own a home near Tulum began in 2004 as finger drawings in the sand. It has since become their amazing eco-conscious beachfront home and retreat for guests.

How The Mayan Word Xixim Guided the Design, Building and Living Process of This Home

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Xixim (pronounced shee-sheem) means zero in Maya, and represents an important belief of the owners. respecting the beauty of Soliman Bay and unique environmental diversity of the Tulum area, the owners used a these guiding principles for their dream home and guest retreat.

• Sustainability as a keystone to our design process and daily work
• Design and implementation from both modern architecture & permaculture
• The abundant sun, cooling breeze & refreshing rain provides our home with it’s life force
• Solar system supplies all power needs & is the first grid-tied net metered home on the bay
• Open-air layout with sliding walls & doors for ultimate views & a cross breeze in every room
• Rainwater harvesting with composting wetlands to return used water back to the earth again
• Landscape & green roof optimized for stacking functions: shade, edibles, water filtration, wildlife
• Recycling, composting and up-cycling.
• Participate in our communities by buying locally, supporting local artisans, donating to the turtle sanctuary, and hiring locally.

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Now you can see why we choose Xixim for our list of properties and why we fully support their vision for the area. Did we tell you that the house is fully staffed making your vacation easier than ever?

Read about Casa Xixim and how this vacation rental will make your next vacation the best it can be without even lifting a finger.

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