Playa del Carmen Travel Tips – Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate

bean to bar chocolate in Playa del Carmen

Now this caught our eye. Just before Christmas, only to be discovered by us after the holiday season, is a new chocolate shop that makes bean to bar chocolate. Not only are the chocolates super pretty, but they taste great! The chocolates are filled with unique flavors like horchata, tequila, chipotle, jamaica, and they have a 100% cacao truffle that …is…to…die….for……

Cocoa Craft Chocolate Maker is a husband and wife team that make their chocolate from scratch, yup, straight from the bean, and then create the most amazing chocolates and bars. The store is simple, like their mission. Create craft chocolate from Mexican cacao beans and serve it up to all the chocoholics. Located across from Plaza Antiqua, in the new Plaza Paraíso Caribe, this chocolate is not simple in flavor! Organic beans are used to make some of the best chocolate we have tasted. To top it off, super nice couple, love their thoughts on chocolate mastery and the chocolate is great…..did we say that, the chocolate is decadent, wonderful and delicious.

If chocolate is not your thing (really) then check out some or the restaurants in the Riviera Maya that will give you a cultural experience on your vacation!

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