Playa del Carmen travel tip – step off 5th Ave

30th ave food in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is centered around their pedestrian walkway, 5th Ave, one block from the beach and filled with stores restaurants and people. 5th Ave sets Playa del Carmen as a destination in the Riviera Maya separate from other cities. As of this weekend, you can now freely walk from Av. Juarez at the Cozumel ferry pier to CTM/44th Street. That is over 23 blocks of walking for all visitors. No cars, no interference, just strolling and window shopping for 23 blocks! Wow…

As much as we love 5th Ave, there are many treasures to be found off 5th Ave. The side streets have great restaurants and shops as well that should not be missed. If you head further west up to 30th Ave, you will find great local Mexican food, less expensive shops and families enjoying the evening. For the first time visitor who has been enjoying 5th Ave, these streets will feel off the beaten path, the perfect place to enjoy something different. Is it safe off 5th Ave, of course. We love roaming through the streets and trying to find the latest new restaurants that few know about. Feel free to do the same and tell us all about your adventures.

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