Playa del Carmen photo of the day! Fruit ladies!

Playa del Carmen fruit ladies at the Cozumel pier


The fruit ladies in Playa del Carmen have been at the ferry pier selling fresh tropical fruit since we arrived 20 years ago. As Playa developed so have the fruit ladies carts, their fruit options and the variety that they offer. Every day, all day, the fruit ladies cut fresh mango, coconut, papaya, oranges and mandarins, melon and more for people going to the ferry, people coming off the Cozumel ferry and people hanging on the beach at the bottom of Juarez Ave. If you are looking for a traditional Mexican snack, have any of the fruit cups with lime and chili powder. Yup, the most delicious and wonderful sweet and spicy treat you will ever have! I always ask for extra chili and I have to say, it makes me smile every time!

There are lots of little nuances and quick tips to your Mayan Riviera visit. After being here for 20 years, we are pretty good at knowing what these local tips are and how to easily find them. We also know the best things to do and see whether you are on your first Riviera Maya visit or your 20th Riviera Maya visit. Check out some of our spotlights and must do’s in the Riviera Maya!

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