Tips on how to bring your pet with you on vacation

Paddle boarding with the beagles, pet friendly hotels

Leave no family member, furry or otherwise behind!

The Riviera Maya can be pet friendly.

Here are some helpful tips on bringing  your four legged friend based on our experience traveling with our chihuahuha.

  • Make your airline reservations, and tell them about your pet. Some airlines like SouthWest or charters do not accept pets, period. Be prepared most airlines will charge extra for your pet.
  • Small pets such as small dogs or cats can be in-cabin. The extra fee still applies. The carrier must be airline certified, so check for the acceptable dimensions from your airline.
  • Larger pets can be carried in a big crate under the belly of the plane. There may be restrictions however based on the time of year because it can be too hot on the tarmac or in the belly of the plane for them.
  • You need a health certificate from your vet within 5 days of your departure for vacation. Ask for a copy of the rabies certificate as well just in case someone asks for it.
  • Once in Mexico you need to go to the agricultural office which is part of Customs. They need the health certificate and the address where you are staying. You will get copies of the Mexican documentation for your pet. TIP: bring 2 or 3 copies of each document (so you don’t have to wait for the authorities to make copies).
  • When returning home, depending on how long you have been in Mexico, you may want to get a health certificate from a Mexican vet, to present when you enter your home country.
  • When you arrive at home and are going through customs in your country, you will have to go through the agricultural line, again. It is easy, and the most we have ever been asked for is a copy of the rabies certificate.

Loco Gringo offers several pet friendly vacation rentals.

A big shout out to our amigos Cheryl and Donny for the photo above. When they are not in Akumal you can find them volunteering at BeagleFreedomProject.  Cheryl and Donny have a rental which is beautiful and we are happy to recommend, Playa Blanca #8.


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