Your ‘How To’ Guide For The Perfect Day in the Riviera Maya


We can share all of our Perfect Days in various Riviera Maya cities, but our perfect day may not be your Perfect Day.

But these ‘Perfect Day’ articles or our Loco Gringo adventures are a great starting point for inspiring your perfect day. They make your research for the Perfect Day in the Riviera Maya a lot easier! Use our blog and search for ideal activities, places to eat, or beaches to visit. Or take a look at our perfect days and mix and match. Bottom line is you will find lots of information to create your perfect day on our website. Here are a few lists of what guests think are the best resources for creating a perfect vacation day in the Riviera Maya.

Loco Gringo Itineraries for Mayan Ruins, Family Vacations, Colonial Cities and More!

loco adventures

We love our travel itineraries. We have focused on the things you must do, highlighted important places to see, but unlike other guide books we have added our personal favorite things to do.

Here’s the deal on guidebooks. Most of the travel guides out there are either outdated or the writer gleaned information from others. Many guidebooks writers have not been to the areas or attractions they are writing about. We are in the position to experience the activities we write about, not just once but many times. We have been there and done that and more than once. We know what to skip, and what activities are worthy of some deeper investigation. We feel blessed to be able to report back to you the true nature of an experience.

What is the best way to use our itineraries?

Just because a travel itinerary is titled Coba ruins, or Tulum Ruins, does not mean that it is JUST about these Mayan Archaeological site. Have a look at how we planned the day. You might want to skip the ruins and just hang in Tulum. Or you may want to visit the Coba ruins and skip the suggested cenotes. These itineraries are packed with more information than just one site, so dig in and see what we highlighted.

Loco Gringo Adventures – Coba Ruins

Loco Gringo Adventures – Tulum Ruins

Loco Gringo Adventures – Chichen Itza

Searching for more things to do with your family, or want to venture to a colonial town, our Family Travel Guide and our Valladolid Travel Guide are worth digging into. The Valladolid Guide has some suggestions for family activities in this little town as well, so parents and kids have a great time.

Discover Your Perfect Day Through Our Perfect Day Articles

It is not hard to have the perfect day in the Riviera Maya, but we have put together the perfect day for particular areas in the Riviera Maya.

Perfect Day in Tankah Bay

Perfect Day in Puerto Morelos

Perfect Day in Playa del Carmen

Perfect Day in Tulum

Perfect Day in Akumal

Your Most Important Vacation Plan Back Up – Loco Gringo Concierge

paulina jan 18

If you are strapped for time, are not a planner (not all of us are) or just want to cut to the chase, Paulina our concierge is a great person to use as your planner. She loves the Riviera Maya. Her weekends are spent going places, doing things, and investigating the latest activities and tours so she can pass on this information to you.

Her weekend nights are eating out, checking out local entertainment and just understanding what the heck is going on out there. Yes, she has her work cut out for her, but she is really good at it. Really good at it. We also report back to her and share information when we go somewhere new for dinner, or go back to an old favorite that may have a new menu, location or hours.

If we could make her into an app we would, but for now she is are are EI not AI. She is the Excessive Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence. Her ability to listen to what you need and give you great choices is truly a skill. She will even book it for you as well!

Finding the perfect day in the Riviera Maya is easy but there is something special about a local letting you in on favorite places to go, or things to do. What we have done is created perfect days for those who just want to walk out their front door, look at the beach and that is perfect for them. Others want to experience the deeper cultural, historical and environmental diversity this area has to offer.

That is what makes us different. We have great accommodations that overlook and open onto the beach and super cool activities that leave you with lasting vacation memories. Our perfect day is making sure that you do have the perfect day.


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