A Cause for Paws, Giving Back to the Local Riviera Maya Community

Last month we attended the grand opening of Coco’s Animal Welfare CAW newest facility in Playa del Carmen. It was a great evening that celebrated everything we love about the Riviera Maya; friends, community, volunteers, and animals.

Some people have asked me why we choose to support animal welfare programs when there are children and families, and students who need help. Our support in Riviera Maya communities extends beyond CAW. We support various programs both locally and internationally that support people, animals and the environment. As a team we care about communities, which include all three of these areas.

How Healthy Animals Contribute to Healthy Communities

Animal health is an important part of creating overall community health. Sterilization clinics minimize the birth of unwanted cats and dogs. Successful vaccination for diseases like rabies has eliminated its incidence from animals to humans for decades. These programs ensure that other transmitted diseases are not spread in our communities. There is a clear overlap between human health and animal health and both require attention.

Overall community health is at its best when the entire community is taken into consideration and along with people and animals, also includes optimal environmental health. For this reason, we support all aspects of our community to ensure healthy, happy places to live and work. Coco’s Animal Welfare is just one organization that we support out of many.

What we appreciate about all the programs that contribute expertise and assistance throughout the Riviera Maya is that many different organizations are responsible for different aspects of our community. No one can do it all, but the work that is done for animals, for people, for the environment is what builds the great community we call home.

CAW Programs Help Animals, Humans and Communities

CAW has facilitated some necessary animal focused programs with local partners to maintain the humane treatment of animals that also benefit our communities. Large hotels work with Coco’s to spay and neuter, feed and monitor controlled feral cats. This program stopped the inhumane treatment of what was seen as a nuisance, roaming, malnourished cats on vacation and resort properties. Hotels now use the Cat Café’s to educate staff and guests about the importance of a community that respects and looks after all being.

Since 2009 Coco’s Animal Welfare has held city-wide sterilization clinics in partnership with local and international organizations. Their goal supports sterilization as a means to decrease unwanted populations of companion animals. These clinics are also an opportunity to monitor and treat those diseases that directly effect communities; rabies, ticks and parasites. By inviting pet owners to spay and neuter clinics in the Riviera Maya, the health of local communities has been effected in positive ways. With their new mobile unit, vets and staff can service hard to reach and in some ways disenfranchised communities to benefit from this community effort.

CAW’s adoption program ensures homes for unwanted cats and dogs, to both local and international families. The human-animal bond is a strong one and companion animals bring joy to our lives. I know this through my own experience with Chile dog. It is well documented that a relationship built between people and animals builds compassion and responsibility that resonates through all levels of our life.

CAW will continue their educational programs both at the clinic and in rural communities on responsible pet ownership and animal health. Their impact reaches beyond that of animals, their impact is educating people, students, rural communities and government officials. Their ongoing support to other animal shelters, local vets and international vet students build invaluable relationships and cooperation.

Whether you choose to volunteer at the organization, adopt a pet, trap and neuter a feral animal, or donate to the cause, your participation reaches beyond cats and dogs in the Riviera Maya. It is reaching vulnerable communities that are affected by the poor health of animals, be it pets or feral animals.

Care to donate to this great community project? You can donate directly to Coco’s Animal welfare on their website, volunteer for a few hours during your vacation or visit the clinic when you find yourself in the Riviera Maya to see their work first hand.

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