I am Not Passionate About Cooking – Confessions of a Traveling Mom

Not Passionate Cooking on Vacation? Try Riviera Maya chef services

A mom was planning her family vacation last week and ended our conversation with this ‘I am NOT passionate about cooking so I need to find solutions.’

Admittedly I was a bit taken aback, and had to clarify what was just said. ‘Sorry, did you say you were passionate about cooking, or not passionate about cooking?

This mom admitted that she was not passionate about cooking.

I love to cook but realized after talking to this mom that I am not passionate about cooking under the following conditions:

  1. When I am on vacation.
  2. When there are more than 6 people at the table.
  3. When I am busy
  4. When I am immersed in something that captures my other passions

I so get this mom’s admission that she is not passionate about cooking!

How To Plan a Vacation When You Are Not Passionate About Cooking

Not Passionate Cooking on Vacation? Try Riviera Maya chef services

Offering solutions for the mom that was not passionate about cooking was not a challenge, it was a pleasure. I loved that I had solutions for this mom’s biggest vacation concern. There are so many options for people not passionate about cooking when on vacation, which seems to be a majority of people.

  1. Rent a vacation villa for your group that includes an in-house chef.
  2. If a chef is not included, hire a local chef that provides in house cooking services.
  3. Use our concierge service to book all restaurant meals in advance to guarantee your entire party can be accommodated. Large groups will require advance reservations at most restaurants.
  4. Use an online grocery service to deliver food (and drinks) to your vacation rental.

What You Need to Know About Chef Services

Not Passionate Cooking on Vacation? Try Riviera Maya chef services

There are some small things you need to know about chef services in the Riviera Maya. These services function a bit differently than what you would find in other countries. Knowing this in advance makes your chef service a breeze and easy to plan.

  1. Chef services are not catering services. If you hire a chef service you will have the chef cooking in your home for each meal. This guarantees freshness, and lets you learn from the chef is you wish.
  2. Cost of groceries will not be included. The chef will charge a daily or weekly amount for his work, groceries are extra. If you want to plan your grocery list in advance so you can have all items delivered through a grocery service, this can be done with your chef before you arrive. Your chef may even offer to purchase groceries daily to guarantee freshness if this is more convenient for you.
  3. Discuss with your chef if clean up is included. Depending on the services at your vacation rental, this task may be left to the maid, or it may be done by the chef. Just clarify who does the clean up.
  4. Find out which foods are a better value. Let your chef have a bit of creative freedom so your grocery bill stays low. If you insist on imported foods for each meal that are a bit difficult to find, you may be spending more than you have to. Local fish, local produce, and local meats are the best way to maximize your grocery budget and your chef’s skills.
  5. Arrange your chef in advance. Trying to book a chef for the duration of your stay at the last minute, or after you arrive could be a challenge. Chef services are in high demand in the Riviera Maya and many of the best chefs are booked out well in advance. Renting a vacation villa with their own chef is a great way to go when you know you have a large group.
  6. Typically chefs take Sunday off. This is traditional in Mexico and restaurant reservations are a great way to fill that Sunday void. Our concierge would be happy to suggest local restaurants and make that reservation for you.

I love the honesty of this mom and that she challenged me to think about my passion for cooking. If I was traveling with a large family group, my passion for cooking would go right out the window!

Check out our Loco Gringo Directory that has a list of Chef Services in each Riviera Maya City or contact our concierge directly at [email protected]

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