Packing Essentials for Your Fun In The Riviera Maya Sun!


Flip Flops and bathing suit! List done! Well not quite, but you get the point. You will need little for your beach vacation, thank goodness, and I really doubt you need to be told what to bring. But there are a few essentials that you might have overlooked. These are the items we want to remind you about.

Keeping Your Beach Vacation Cleaner and Cheaper

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Here are a list of beach essentials that have you protecting the environment and saving some extra cash:

Biodegradable Sunscreen – This protects your skin and the sea! Regular sunscreen can damage coral, upset the PH balance of the sea and cenotes and can damage your skin. It is expected, if not insisted, that people wear biodegradable sunscreen when going into the sea and the cenotes.

Sarong – These light cover ups have a few functions. When a bunch of you are going to the beach, beach towels for everyone is a heavy load. A sarong is a beach towel, a cover up, a dress, and a head scarf all in one. They are versatile, lightweight, take up no space and dry in a heartbeat. Perfect for the beach! I even use mine on the plane as a blanket!

Solar Charger – If you are not into solar chargers now is the time to buy one. Read your book, listen to music, watch a movie (netflix lets you download shows and movies to watch offline) or just browse through your endless photo albums. Oh and some solar chargers can convert indoor light into energy so you won’t lose power on the plane.

Water Shoes – Though the beach in front of your accommodations may be rock free, the cenotes. some other coastal towns or adventure parks really require water shoes. Bring them with you and know that they can be used as walking shoes as well as rock protectors.

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Soft Vinyl Cooler – Whether you like to have a beer on the beach or just some cold water, a small soft vinyl (fold-able) cooler is perfect for day trips, drinks, snacks or just keeping your lip balm from melting. I never leave home without it and it is always full!

Cell phone/Device car charger – If you are renting a car or thinking of going on a road trip, bring your chargers! I have a bag full of device chargers for travel. Most of the rental cars use cigarette lighter chargers so grab one before you go! If you bring your own, your driver may just be okay with charging your cell phone in his car.

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Beach Tent – If you are traveling with kids or older adults a beach tent is a great idea. There are small beach tents that are so compact you will not even notice you packed it. The lovely Caribbean sea breeze can be challenging for beach umbrellas. A beach tent is perfect for some extra shade!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Bring one, and bring more. They will serve you well from the minute you step through security right through to when you get home. Water is cheap, but it will be even cheaper if you bring your own water bottle. (hint – it can even double up as a cocktail bottle if you need it to)

Baby Powder or Cornstarch – Both of these ‘powders’ work wonders when you need to get sand off your skin and feet. Rub it on and all the sand will come off. No water needed!

Medium sized bag that doubles for the beach and grocery shopping – I love this idea and use it all the time, whether I am in the Riviera Maya or elsewhere. Plastic bags are just not a good idea no matter where you are, so bring an extra reusable bag. It plays double duty in the Riviera Maya.

The rest is up to you. The Riviera Maya is pretty casual and if you are beach goer, even more casual.

These items are the essentials for your Riviera Maya beach vacation and you will thank us once you arrive.

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