What to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation – Make It Easy

What to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation - Make It Easy

So you are not sure what to pack for your beach vacation? And you are really not sure what to pack for your Riviera Maya beach vacation. Well there are few items items that will guarantee a laid back Caribbean vacation with some eco friendly essentials thrown in.

Eco Friendly Beach Items To Protect The Sea

To protect your skin, the sea, and the cenotes, eco friendly suntan lotion is a must. There are a variety of products on the market and we have picked a few of the best. Throw in some eco mosquito spray for the evenings and you are good to go.

Solar Powered Charging Devices for your Time on the Beach

We love our solar powered charging devices. If you are in the sun why not keep your devices that deliver music, podcasts or Ted Talks charged! This will have you powered up all day and night long! Check out the new Loco Gringo Podcasts and get the inside scoop.

Clothes, Bathing Suits and Shoes (Flip Flops)

We will let you in on a little secret. I don’t think we have ever lugged a towel to the beach. For over 20 years we have used sarongs as a beach towel and this is why. A sarong has almost no weight, takes up little space in your suitcase and beach bag, can be used as a cover up and can be used as a towel. They dry quickly and can be washed easily. Towels are just a drag after you commit to a sarong; heavy, dirty, full of sand and a large beach bag is required. Navigate over to a sarong, and you will be coming to the beach more often!

Bathing suits are required on Riviera Maya beaches, and we suggest an all purpose sport and good tanning suit. Water activities need a suit that is a bit stronger than a fashion suit. It would be a shame to lose out on seeing some great tropical fish, turtles and coral due to a fear of losing your suit.

Water shoes may come in helpful for your water sports, though most, but not all beaches are free of rocks. If you are just not sure, or get freaked out by sand, bring your water shoes as a safe guard.

For the day time, shorts, sun dresses, light cotton t-shirts and light cotton anything is the best way to travel. And of course your flip flops. Who could forget flip flops. The joy of the beach vacation.

For the evening, most people wear casual evening clothes, some even use their day clothes as their evening clothes. You are coming to a beach town, so light clothes, nothing fancy, is what everyone wears. Of course if you plan to eat out at a more expensive restaurant, wear something that you are comfortable in, but it does not have to be formal evening wear. This is what we love about the Riviera Maya, almost anything goes, and you will see it all.

Travel Essentials for your International Vacation

Passport, Travel insurance, emergency contact numbers and an ATM card. Done. That is all you need. Credit cards are accepted in most larger Riviera Maya cities but the smaller towns and villages are still a cash society, so draw out some pesos from the local bank when you venture to a beach club or beach town off the beaten track.

What to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation - Make It Easy

Beach Reads and Podcasts

Grab a great book, download a cool read to a device or listen to podcasts on the beach. This is a wonderful way to pass the time as you listen the waves, take in the sea breeze, and sip on a cerveza. Have a look at our Suggested reading list or listen to our podcasts. You may learn a new tip or just enjoy a great story.

So are you ready to pack. Make it simple, and travel light. That is what a beach vacation is all about anyway, right.

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