Paamul vacation tip – Great beach for the whole family

Posted April 24, 2013 by Kay Walten in Family vacations,Mexico Vacation Tips

paamul restaurant on the beach in the Riviera Maya

For good reason, Paamul is a kid destination where local moms and parents love to take their children after school or on the weekends. Why is Paamul a great family beach and hang out spot in the Riviera Maya? There are few family essentials in Paamul that make family fun a little bit easier than other beaches.

Find out why Paamul is the family beach

Paamul is minutes from Playa del Carmen, just north of Xpu ha beach and north of Akumal. The family features at this quiet beach are a pool, easy sea access, parking and a restaurant. Kids can play together in the pool and will find other international playmates doing the same. Having many parents overseeing kids in one area is a great way to take a break knowing that your kids is being watched while you turn your head for a minute!

This is also a great way to meet other parents, whether they be locals, or on vacation. Think of it like the neighbourhood park where parents and kids meet but know the view is just much better! Many friendships have spun out of family parks and Paamul is no different.

Paamul is a nice beach area, whether you are with your family or not and you will meet a lot of locals who enjoy all the facilities at this beach. Check out photos of Paamul and see why people love it!

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