Organicamente Celebrates You in June! – Great prices for spa treatments

Our amigos at Organicamente Spa in Puerto Aventuras is dedicated to providing natural and organic products for individuals who truly care about their health and the environment, and for entire month of June, they want to celebrate their clients with a 25% discount off all products and services! Just a great deal so we thought we would pass it along if you want to pamper yourself.

Check out these great discounted prices!

* Deep Cleansing Facial (with foot and hand massage)

* Relaxing Massage; Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage; Sports Massage; Reflexology
30 mins: US$26
60 mins: US$45

* Deep Tissue Massage; Hot Herbal Compress Massage
30mins: US$34
60 mins: 60 US$60

*Slimming Massage
60 mins: US41.00 (best as part of a 10 session package)

*Classic Manicure: US$21

*Classic Pedicure: US$22.50

*Spa Manicure: US$26.00

*Spa Pedicure: US$30.00

Also offered are non-organic treatments like waxing and acrylic nails.

Mexico produces an array of organic produce such as maguey, mangoes, oranges, beans, apples, papaya, avocado, soy, bananas, cacao, vanilla, honey, pineapple, chaya, achiote and neem, many of which you will find in the products offered at Organicamente.

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