Norma Pancorbo on Mahahual A Little Town with a Lot to Offer

Norma Pancorbo is a dive instructor at the Mahahual Dive Center, who is originally from the North of Spain. She had never been to Mexico before the job of dive instructor was offered to her. But, after researching Costa Maya on the internet, she knew fate was leading her in the right direction. When Norma learned she could dive and work in paradise, she moved from a sizable city in Spain, to the small, isolated town of Mahahual.

“The diving is amazing,” she says. “The variety of reef and coral, in a place with so few people, is like no other diving spot in the world.”

Mahahual may be small, but it has basic services, good restaurants, and great diving. Banco Chinchorro is only a short boat ride from the Mahahual coast, and is comprised of a reef about the same size as Cozumel. Norma has been diving all over the world, and says she has never experienced the beauty and solitude of Banco Chinchorro. The area also has a 16th-century shipwreck, where divers get a glimpse of 40 sea-encrusted brass cannons on the bow of the sunken ship.

When Norma isn’t underwater, she spends her time mountain biking through the jungle. She loves taking biking groups to see ruins, and having lunch with the Mayan families of the Chacchoben Ruins. She also loves the Palenque Ruins and Laguna Bacalar, which is known for its seven hues of freshwater blue.

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