Get Back to Nature with a Sustainable Yucatan Tour

get back to nature with a riviera maya mexico tour

Modern research has shown that spending a significant amount of time in the outdoors away from the modern world recharges us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Studies have concluded that we as human beings are most productive after having immersed ourselves in the Earth’s offerings. Sustainable travel, with a focus on the discovery of natural habitats and wildlife, refreshes renews and inspires…and there is no better place to reconnect with mother nature than the Yucatan Peninsula.

The biodiversity in the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Yucatan is incredibly rich. Aside from the amazing powdery white sand and azure blue water beaches, there are jungles filled with exotic wildlife and lush flora, mangroves teaming with over 300 species of tropical birds, Caribbean reefs bursting with colorful marine life, limestone caves that have taken millions of years to form… and you wanna know the best part? We’ve got a tour for all that!

Tours that Will Change the Way You Look at Nature

Imagine complete darkness with the exception of a star filled sky and bio-luminescence in the water.  You will hear nothing but the haunting sounds of nocturnal nature as your boat drifts quietly through the Rio Lagartos Bioreserve in search of crocodiles. Get up close and personal, and even feed these amazing, and often misunderstood, predators.  A”Crocodile Night Trip” with Rio Lagartos Adventures is sure to be exciting!

Sustainable tours in Mexico

Celestun Wildlife Refuge is a 146,000 acre biosphere reserve that spans the border between Campeche and Yucatan on the West coast of the peninsula. A guided boat tour will take you through some of the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen. You will see an incredible colony of gorgeous pink flamingos, drift through mangrove swamps and swim in a freshwater cenote. Bring your binoculars because there are over 300 species of birds that call this preserve home.

The Yucatan Peninsula is made up of limestone rock which creates a geography full of amazing caves! Rio Secreto is a nature park featuring an underground cave system with a river running through it. You will see amazing rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites, cave creatures, and float along an unbelievably pristine river. The natural beauty of this subterranean world is surreal!

Rio Secreto in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Tulum Monkey Sanctuary is a new tour on the Riviera Maya scene. This 25 hectar ranch is home to white tail deer, horses, burros, ducks, iguanas, and countless species of birds, but their big attraction is the spider monkeys that have found a second chance at the natural life they were meant to lead. Interact with these curious, lovable creatures in a caring environment. Cool off in the cenotes and just hang out in one of nature’s sanctuaries.

Monkey reserve in Riviera Maya

Kayaking the canals of the Sian Ka’an will take you through 4 different delicate ecosystems that are home to over 300 species of birds, over 100 different mammals, 1200 plant species and 52 different types of fish. With all of this incredible diversity, you never know what you might catch a glimpse of while floating closer and quieter to the shores than a motorized boat would get you…and for the shutterbugs, the nature photo ops can be priceless!

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