Mexico Travel Tip – Your tourist visa es importante!

riviera maya tourist visa

We’ve said it before, but with Spring Break in full swing, it probably needs to be said again.

On the airplane, on your way to the Cancun Airport, you will be asked to fill out a customs card and a visa. Your first stop when you arrive to the airport will be the immigration window. Your visa will be stamped at the window and the officer will hand back to you one part of the perforated card, also known as your tourist visa. HOLD ON TO THIS. Keep it safe inside your passport and make sure you have it when you go back to the airport to depart Mexico. If you lose this card you will have to stand in line at the airport’s immigration office, fill out another card and pay a $40 USD exit fee.  If you do not arrive to the airport in time to fill out the forms, pay the fees and receive a new visa, you may miss your flight. Don’t end your Cancun vacation on a sour note, keep the card!

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